What are Coupon codes, and how do they work?

How coupon codes work

The discount can either be a % off or a specific dollar amount. These coupon codes can help reduce your order price by a specific amount or a percentage. Coupon codes, can be of different types including but not limited to getting some amount off an order, getting free gift with an order, free shipping, and many more. Coupon codes also give consumers free shipping or gift-wrapping. That purchasing strategy offers customers yet another reason to buy products.

How to use coupon codes

Using coupon code is very simple with CouponLinux. You just have to copy a code and go to the store page where you can just paste the code at checkout. When a customer enters a coupon code at the checkout page, the store confirms that all conditions of the promotion are met before validation. If the coupon code offers a 50 percent discount on shopping carts of $2000 or more, for example, the code will not work if the least threshold hasn't been met. You can also tailor the requirements to exclude certain brands or products.

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